Book Of Sand - Destruction, Not Reformation (Paradigms)

Incredible record from a solo black metal artist who pushes the boundaries to which the genre is constrained.

Released Feb 16th, 2011 via Paradigms / By Olivia Jaremi
Book Of Sand - Destruction, Not Reformation (Paradigms) It's not all that often that boundary-pushing and distorting is truly prevalent in contemporary black metal. While many bands attempt to diversify from the bleak, cimmerian standard, many falter at the hurdles of truly breaking free from the clichéd grim status quo. Despite the recent influx of new acts into the black metal scene, the crushingly atmospheric, lo-fi project Book of Sand is a clear cut above the rest. Ominous and cruel, experimental ambience is twinged with threatening tones and serves to present Destruction, Not Reformation as one of the most original records of the moment.

Solo products are easily dismissed, however as Book of Sand presents its unique concoction of harsh yet delicately gentle aural nihilism, it is ultimately clear that when creating a wall of intense sound, reliance on band tactics is not as vital as is commonly thought. Beautiful as it is ugly, Destruction, Not Reformation is complex. The scuzzy, feedback- laden fuzzes of 'European History is a History of Rot' battles against its embedded blackened beauty – calm and relaxed vibes mirroring and fighting against the distant background screams. Anarchistic destruction - without the much expected crust element - intertwined with classical composition makes for bizarrely exquisite listening as the record progresses menacingly.

Violin inflections graze deeply against the sombre drone, and tracks such as the outstanding closer 'To Live Forever' truly encapsulate Book of Sand's peerless sound. Heavy as hell from start to finish while remaining as light as a feather, it is undeniable that Book of Sand has cultivated and crafted a flawless piece with Destruction, Not Reformation. It may be surprising to many, but genre-challenging has inspired – and it's for the better.