Fliptrix – Polyhymnia (High Focus)

Excellent fifth solo outing of forward-thinking UK hip-hop

Released Oct 6th, 2014 via High Focus / By Sam Bennett
Fliptrix – Polyhymnia (High Focus) Fliptrix and his High Focus imprint have been tearing it up for a while now, they've infused a breath of fresh air into, and been one of the main reasons for the reinvigorated, very active UK hip-hop scene. ‘Polyhymnia’ is his fifth solo album, and it continues and progresses with the themes, concepts and overall styles of his last two projects. The album is packed with soulful, boom bap instrumentals and intelligent lyricism, as well as a couple of collaborations including tracks with Chester P and Rag 'N' Bone Man. The album is passionate, intelligent and it's straight up, undeniably authentic hip hop.

The appropriately titled opener 'Jeheeze' is Fliptrix at his raw best. Proclaiming 'Don't mistake me for something I'm not', Fliptrix has always been honest and believable as an artist and as a rapper, and Polyhymnia is no different. The HF MC sounds confident, his delivery very energetic, and it's definitely the perfect track to kick off with. This goes straight into the hazier 'Praise the Sun', featuring Rag 'N' Bone Man, who is surely destined for great things himself. The fantastic sample work, handled by the albums sole producer Molotov, is something to be admired. Fliptrix switches up the flow on the second verse, with an impeccable delivery and very consistent writing. This continues with the album’s title track, which has a stylistically different instrumental, but Fliptrix's ability to rock beats with various feels has always been apparent.

'Alchemical Vessel', featuring Chester P, is another standout track. The baseline is infectious, and the rimshot snare adds to the boom bap feel. Both Fliptrix and Chester kill it on here, speaking truth as always, and hearing two of the UK's finest lyricists on the same track was never going to be disappointing. I've had 'Vultures' on repeat since the video dropped for it a while ago, Fliptrix's energetic delivery, heavy punchlines and the call to arms against the mainstream is a resounding one. It's dope to hear a new Four Owls tune, and 'Reflections' only adds to the build up for the upcoming second album. The clever writing and head nodding beats continue, and 'Going To The Moon' closes the album, and once again the beat is soulful, perfectly matching Fliptrix's message of peace and positivity, all the time keeping it relatable and raw.

Polyhymnia is, once again, an incredibly cohesive and well thought out body of work from Fliptrix. Molotov handles all of the beats, and does so impeccably well, Fliptrix sounds at home here, the album sounds organic, and High Focus will surely continue pushing quality independent UK hip hop music for the foreseeable future.