Frankie Rose And The Outs - Frankie Rose And The Outs (Memphis Industries)

Frankie Rose has returned with yet another project to keep us entranced.

Released Nov 2nd, 2010 via Memphis Industries / By Amanda Farah
Frankie Rose And The Outs - Frankie Rose And The Outs (Memphis Industries) You’re probably already familiar with Frankie Rose for the bands she used to be in: She used to be a Vivian Girl, she used to be a Dum Dum Girl, she used to be a Crystal Stilt. And though she’s been on the scene for ages, Frankie hasn’t yet reached the point of recognition that will allow her name or band to be mentioned without reference to her previous projects.

While there are some parallels that can be drawn between the Outs and Vivian Girls, the former has a much greater emphasis on the girl-group aesthetic. It doesn’t confuse DIY with lo-fi; in fact compared with many of the Brooklyn bands going for the Beach Boys surf sound now, Frankie Rose And The Outs sounds positively polished. There’s a bit of reverb to keep things warm and fuzzy, but not at the expense of detail. The vocals, in particular, are a strength, and beautifully arranged, and it is to their advantage that they allow the harmonies to ring out. The rest of the clang/clash of the songs’ arrangements doesn’t vary too widely from what is popular amongst their lo-fi cohorts, but it is to their credit that the Outs are able to distinguish themselves.

Hopefully it will allow them to define themselves based on something other than their singer’s lineage.