Gi3mo – The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes

South coast rapper goes it alone and proves he’s got the chops

Released Oct 25th, 2013 via Rumbustious / By Sam Bennett
Gi3mo – The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes Hailing from the city of Brighton, Gi3mo has been putting in work for a long time as part of the Rum Com crew, telling tales of debauchery and the lifestyle of your average UK hip hop head; spitting bars and getting a bit too drunk. His solo album, entitled The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes, puts the spotlight on Gi3mo himself with the only guest appearance being Rag N Bone Man (on two tracks), who delivers some outstanding vocals.

This is an album of back-to-back bangers. The hard-hitting, head-nodding beats come non-stop; ‘Iron Gut’ is a prime example, packed with quotables and a gritty flow. Gi3mo’s appeal comes from this aggressive approach to hip hop, with a definite no holds barred attitude, and it’s a blessing to know that people are still making this raw, gritty sound. ‘Sultan’ is a surefire classic, too. The beat is irresistible, with Gizzy taking part in some lyrical acrobatics, proving he can bar with the best of them. The line, “We shuffle papers like the credits on the news at 10” will be stuck in your head for days.

With a clear boom bap influence, it’s refreshing to hear ‘Mothership (Ego)’, which features a more experimental beat with its trippy sitar sample. It’s also nice to hear a concept track like ‘Britflix’; this is an incredible listen for anybody who is a fan of UK film, with more references than you can count over a calm and relaxed beat, Gi3mo blessing us with his infectious flow. It’s easy for UK hip hop artists to fall into the trap of making an album of tracks over what sounds like the same beat recycled 12 times, rapping about rapping and nothing else. Gi3mo manages to avoid this, with tracks like ‘Britflix’ showing just what he is capable of.

It’s good to hear Gi3mo showcasing his production talent as well, with five of the album’s 13 tracks produced by him. The beats on this album are well selected too; there is just the right amount of variation. The eastern influences are clear to hear with interesting sample choices alongsode classic, gritty boom bap drums. It makes for a continuous screwface-inducing listen.

Brighton boasts one of the healthiest hip hop scenes in the UK, and this album is yet another dope body of work to come out of the city. Gi3mo proves he can hold his own and it not dependent on the rest of Rum Committee to back him up (that said, make sure you check out Committee Is Boss, Boozetown and Committee Is Still Boss). The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes is definitely an album to look out for.