Hawk Eyes - Ideas (Fierce Panda)

If you are looking for a good example of an eclectic mix of styles fused together to create a sound both exciting and heavy then look no further than Ideas from Leeds based Hawk Eyes. The band are able to consistently merge influences from punk and metal, as well as providing instances of intricate technical brilliance consistent with the ‘mathrock’ subgenre. Oh, and Hawk Eyes really know how to write riffs, really well. Throughout the album you are treated to heavy, catchy riffs that move in and out of each other almost effortlessly and the guitar work is definitely the stand out feature.

Released Dec 4th, 2012 via Fierce Panda / By Thomas Donno
Hawk Eyes - Ideas (Fierce Panda) That much is immediately made clear after listening to the first track Witch Hunt which has a brilliant groove tearing right through the core of the song. Witch Hunt also serves as a perfect opener for the album as all of the intricacies and riffs mentioned, explode in this furious number which automatically sets the tone for the album. The sheer heaviness of the final riff leaves you wanting more and as the second track Skyspinners rips through your speakers you will be left with a great deal of satisfaction. Yes Have Some, as well as being heavy and furious, also serves as a great example of how well the vocalist performs on this album. The interchange between softer and harsher vocals work brilliantly and really compliments the music. This softer and harsher approach is not something exclusive to the vocals however as, whilst this band do love a good riff they are also able to show a ‘lighter’ side. The fact that they are able to do this so well and fundamentally bring such a great balance to the album shows just how far they have come from the EP they released under their previous name, Chickenhawk. That’s not to say Hawk Eye’s are anywhere near soft ballad territory, because they really aren’t, instead they merge the softer and harder approach successfully within each track.

Headstrung serves as the first single off of the album and is a perfect example of a ‘softer’ moment on the album. The riffs and frankly spectacular guitar work is all still here but the song gives the best sing-along factor on the album. Even if you did not already know, this definitely feels like the ‘single’ of the album and it’s a great tune. Perhaps in contrast to this, tracks like Hollywood Sweatshop, Bears By The Head and Milk Hog show Hawk Eyes at their most intricate and technical best, the latter of these is especially brutal with riffs and vocals unleashing in an unforgiving tirade of absolute madness.

In summary, Ideas is a very solid album, providing moments of sheer chaos. Technically brilliant and seriously heavy, Hawk Eyes prove that they are a very exciting prospect for the future and if they are able to translate all of this well onto the live scene then I expect big things for them.