Mountain Man - Made The Harbor (Bella Union)

Full of plenty of luscious harmonies and simple melodies, you're at one with the wilderness without having ever to leave your hardwood floor...

Released Jun 30th, 2010 via Bella Union / By Richard Kemp
Mountain Man - Made The Harbor (Bella Union) Whooshing like rain falling on a rainbow, Mountain Man get the folksy peaceful party started from the moment you put on new long player Made The Harbor. First track ‘Buffalo’ gently pushes you down the river, making you feel blissfully relaxed – so much so that you lie back but still salivate in your want for more.

Let Mountain Man take you on a little journey. Imagine you have been walking through the woods for a while. You’re a tad thirsty, it’s certain – you have been trekking a fair distance, after all. You brush back a mass of leaves to reveal a magnificent waterfall that runs into a gushing stream, surrounded by rich, colourful grass and dancing trees. The sun dazzles as it laps across your face and makes the entire view sparkle that bit more. It wouldn’t be wrong of you to want to take all your clothes off at this point and begin frolicking.

If you are still following, then well done. This almost reaches what it feels like to listen to Mountain Man’s newest offering. Maybe a more acute description would be to say that all again, but on acid – but then that would be cheating. Mountain Man – who, rather than one wild man, consists of three ladies – make use of plenty of luscious harmonies and simple melodies to create a sense of being at one with the wilderness without having ever to leave your hardwood floor.

With such track names as ‘Animal Tracks’ and ‘Dog Song’, it would be fair to say that Mountain Man have a keen animalistic interest. They in fact take a lot of inspiration from their love for animals, the trees, mountains, rivers, people, wind, and generally anything nice and floaty that you can conjure up. These three Vermont lassies are able to aim and fire love in all directions, which seems to only be met with yet more love from all that receive them.

The whole music world appears to be falling for these girls at the moment. Why not take a trip on Made The Harbor and find out why?