The Acorn - No Ghost (Bella Union)

A compelling contender for the end of year charts...

Released Jun 8th, 2010 via Bella Union / By Olivia Jaremi
The Acorn - No Ghost (Bella Union) Embellished with electronic hints, acoustic fluttering and Rolf Klausener’s unmistakably smooth voice, it is undeniable that No Ghost – Ottawa’s finest, The Acorn’s latest indie-folk offering – is a record as beautiful as it is addictive. Sumptuous speckles of delicate melodies intertwined with a few select lo-fi chord stings infuse with lovesick lyricism, crafting the perfect soundtrack to lazy evenings and dreamy days.

'On The Line’s' enthralling cries of romance recalled permeate tender acoustic rattles, whereas the faster pace of 'Bobcat Goldwraith' - complete with handclaps, naturally – is filled with hints of jaunty percussion and brass twists. Occasional electric smashes intensify and emphasise title track 'No Ghost' and flurries of feedback add a sense of urgency to the Canadian quintets signature sound.

As the release draws to an emphatic close with 'Kindling To Cremation', Klausener’s ability becomes evident, with direct lyricism (“my ears are ringing”) contrasting with a tantalizing melody. Elusive ditties aplenty and dreamy-folk delight galore, it is evident that No Ghost is The Acorn’s most cohesive and captivating release to date. Enthralling and enigmatic, No Ghost is bound to be one of 2010’s finest releases. End of year charts, here comes The Acorn.