White Denim: Performance (City Slang)

Get your best street strut on, the boys are back

Released Aug 24th, 2018 via City Slang / By Emmie Harrison
White Denim: Performance (City Slang) Everyone knows it - the tight knot in your stomach when you hear one of your favourite bands are releasing a new album. And you'd think after 12 years of non-stop rock 'n’ rolling that Texas-born foursome, White Denim, would have got it wrong along the way…

Except, with new LP Performance, the boys couldn't have gotten it more right. From the first chords on opener, and new lead single, Magazin - it's addictive. Any sceptical view vanishes immediately. White Denim are back, and they're better than ever.

Electrifying, jagged and so damn groovy, White Denim rings loud with Black Keys fans - but they've made the sound theirs. Frontman James Petralli’s American drawl in Magazin is grungy and mesmerising, with an interesting twinge of 90’s favourites Garbage thrown into the jamming mix.

The best of an outstanding bunch is number Fine Slime. It'll make you want to buckle up your finest skinny jeans and street strut in style to its up-tempo, alt-rock riffs. Its Lynard Skynyrd style guitar solo will make them festival favourites in years to come.

Even after welcoming two new band members, drummer Conrad Choucroun and keyboardist Michael Hunter, White Denim have absolutely not faltered. Their seventh LP, Performance proves that these old favourites are showing no signs of slowing down - it’s up to the listener to take a deep breath and catch up. 8/10