Clockwork Radio - The Soul Harmonic (self-release)

Soul Harmonic return to Manchester from the deep regions of space, but will they return with all the majesty of Neil Armstrong or crash down in a blaze of un-glory.

Released Mar 5th, 2011 via self-release / By Alex Yau
Clockwork Radio - The Soul Harmonic (self-release) 'Please You' is where MGMT last left off from Oracular Spectaculor, a panoramic landscape of astral fondness whilst staring down on the blue glow of earth as Vampire Weekend provide their experimental jungle beats from the cosmic ether, before landing safely back to earth in a spice rack of Eastern flavoured Stadium Arcadium era RHCP sizzlers ('Desire') and the Frusciante/Hendrix-esque earth smashing, comet rush of 'Soul Harmonic'.

'Solitaire' reminds us that we’re never still rooted to the earth as it begins to transmit its signal in pure Muse Absolution style, gentle apocolyptia as Rich Williams perpetually ponders: “and I know in the back of my mind, I don’t feel like I’m still in time.” The charm here is, whilst their ambitions are blatantly huge, they orbit away from any pre-tense, aloof from the planetary weight that MGMT failed to carry on their shoulders.

They’re running like clockwork.