Dr. Syntax and Pete Cannon - The Tonic EP (Kompyla Records)

Storied UK hip-hop talents strike gold on superb third collaboration

Released Sep 1st, 2016 via Kompyla Records / By Sam Bennett
Dr. Syntax and Pete Cannon - The Tonic EP (Kompyla Records) Dr. Syntax and Pete Cannon are surely already familiar names to you; they've released a number of great LPs, and The Tonic is a six-track EP which capitalises on their unique musical talents.

'Downtime' is a terrific opener; Synners has a great talent at transitioning between catchy, melodic hooks and flawlessly flowed verses packed with punchlines and witty lyricism. Pete Cannon's uptempo and loud, banging drums provide a perfect backdrop for the onslaught of syllables delivered by the revered MC talents of Dr. Syntax, and their tried and tested partnership shows no sign of dwindling any time soon. The duo's comic tendencies are alive and well too, executed brilliantly on the following cut 'Best Friends'; with a crisp, groovy beat and hilarious lyrics from both Synners and Pete Cannon (with a rare rap appearance) this track is an early standout from the EP.

'Relax Your Mind' is traditional “hypnotic hip-hop shit” (as quoted by Syntax in the first two bars), and the chilled vibe and consistent flow matched with banging drums, subtle double-bass and silky piano is delivered perfectly. The EP closes out with the four-to-the-floor, disco-esque stomper 'Cats & Dogs', and it's pretty safe to say that Dr. Syntax is amongst only a handful (and that's being generous) of MC's that could get away with such a blatantly non-hip-hop topic as this is. This is what makes him one of the most charismatic, likeable and relatable artists on the circuit right now; his unique brand of humour is charming, but he never sacrifices his intricate style for the sake of a cheap laugh. Instead the two work ingeniously hand in hand.

The Tonic is a witty collection of tracks executed with finesse and likeable charisma from two of the hottest talents in the UK scene. Both Dr. Syntax and Pete Cannon excel in their fields, remaining original and entertaining, and this is another fantastic release to add to their discography. Nice one lads, we can't wait for the next instalment.