Nadine Shah - Dreary Town (Apollo)

Nadine Shah is a storyteller. The British born songwriter of Pakistani and Norwegian heritage first treated us to her debut EP Aching Bones late last year to critical acclaim. This second offering, Dreary Town, is released in anticipation of her debut album Love Your Dum and Mad and boasts three teasers to what might be one of 2013's best albums.

Released Apr 15th, 2013 via Apollo / By Samantha Maine
Nadine Shah - Dreary Town (Apollo) Opening with haunting piano, Nadine's post-jazz vocal creates a perfect atmosphere of regret, heartbreak and tortured emotions. She has a knack for imagery and manages to conjure up a ghostly tale of lost love. Her fragile, almost broken, voice only aids the emotive context and makes for a truly compelling listen.

'Bobby Heron' is probably the most Nick Cave-influenced number (a comparison often brought to Nadine's attention), which evokes the feeling of a funeral procession with its dark undertones and almost seedy ambience. The accordion is a great touch and allows the song to move into a more upbeat stance, albeit a very minimal one.

The EP concludes with a delicious rendition of 'Cry Me A River' - a song that Nadine frequently covered in her time as a young jazz musician. She effortlessly morphs the song into a tale of revenge rather than that of a wounded woman, making it a delightfully chilling listen. Her vocal range is stunning and her talent as a songwriter truly impressive. This is a woman who we'll definitely be seeing more of come the end of the year.