Sonny Green: Grime Is Punk (FTM Records)

Charismatic Essex based Grime MC unveils promising debut EP

Released Jun 27th, 2016 via FTM Records / By Sam Bennett
Sonny Green: Grime Is Punk (FTM Records) Southend MC Sonny Green bursts onto the scene with his five track EP entitled Grime Is Punk, and it's a raw, versatile affair that displays an authoritative lyrical skill and hyped vocal performances from front to back.

The EP kicks off with the appropriately titled 'Fuck Off'; the energetic, sinister banger is intense and in-your-face, and the three minutes are delivered with a torrent of attitude and aggression from the young MC. Swelling, bassy synths and textured production result in an entertaining grime anthem, and Sonny's opener is an undeniable attention grabber. Bars (video) finds the MC addressing those critical of his race, and although his characteristic Essex personality may take some by surprise, his flow is tight and his delivery convincing with each bar he drops on the quirky, upbeat instrumental.

'As Above So Below' takes a classic grime direction; the previous tracks have a definite trap influence, and Sonny takes the opportunity to drop hard hitting punchlines with consistency and wit, and his passionate presence makes his vocal punchy and powerful. 'Flashy' is another convincing cut; Sonny's flow is tight and precise without exception, and the to-the-point structure of his writing maximises and emphasises his grimey, charismatic display. 'Hustle' closes the EP, and the anthemic banger is entirely suitable to round off the rowdy ride Sonny has taken us on over the past four tracks.

Grime Is Punk is well worth checking out. Sonny Green presents us with a unique twist on the grime genre, and the unorthodox presentation of his work results in a memorable, enjoyable project. With grime's global stock on a rapid incline, look for Sonny to capitalise on the heightened interest with his next releases.