The Lytics – Hold On (The Lytics Music)

Canadian hip-hop collective return with inventive five-track EP

Released Apr 10th, 2016 via The Lytics Music / By Sam Bennett
The Lytics – Hold On (The Lytics Music) Brothers Andrew and Anthony “Ashy” Sannie, along with Mungula “Munga” Londe make up the three MC's in Winnipeg, Canada hip-hop group The Lytics. Alex “B-Flat” Sannie is the band's in-house producer, and DJ Lonnie Ce completes the line-up. Hold On is their latest release; a five track EP distributed independently that follows 2012s They Told Me, which is available to download for free on The Lytics' bandcamp, and the 2010 self-titled debut.

The EP gets underway with 'Friction', and the glitchy, upbeat instrumental is a storming opening cut. The flows on here are lively and charismatic, and remind me of an Aesop Rock, Open Mike Eagle kind of vibe. The powerful, hard-hitting drums are a perfect match for The Lytics' raw, gritty deliveries. The summery, funky title-track 'Hold On' is a standout too, with it's groovy bass and thumping drums making for an energetic track with crossover appeal; the tight, positive lyricism and catchy hook make this one entertaining and memorable.

The diverse sonics on offer on the Hold On EP continue with the bouncy, slightly trap influenced 'Legendary'. The off-kilter chorus really works, and the three MC's switch up their flows with more standard, traditional rhyme patterns as well as skippy, more modern schemes coming into play as well. The crisp, soulful 'Daydream' is cool too; The Lytics' consistency and versatility is really impressive, and this is a great advert for the often under-appreciated Canadian hip-hop scene. The classy vibe on 'Tried So Hard' closes the EP out in authentic, organic fashion, with chilled production and ethereal hook.

Hold On is a concise, charismatic project with tight, unique vocal performances and silky production skill. The beats are crisp and clear, and the writing is animatedly delivered with clarity and precision. The variety of tones and musical styles makes for an exciting listen, and the Lytics do well to keep the EP as cohesive as it is. This project is serving as a warm-up for their forthcoming third studio album, which is due out in September, and the group have recently embarked on a European tour. Catch them in Clapham, Bristol and Shoreditch later this month to witness the group