Bearded’s Guide To… Devon

Wednesdays bring another instalment in our regional reporting series. Josh Edwards gives us the low down on what's happening in his part of the West Country...

Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011 in Features and Interviews, Pylons / By Joshua Edwards
Pylons The County of Devon may be stereotypically labelled as a place where nothing happens (other than farming, beaches, and cider) but there is so much more to it. Bands and artists such as Chris Martin (Coldplay), and the ever famous Muse, have been the main limelight hoggers for years. But for now Devon is in the midst of brewing up some new music ready for the rest of Britain to appreciate.

Bound by the already intimidating successors of the music industry, bands from Devon may struggle to create a buzz for their new sound; simply because dedicated Devonians stick to the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't bother fixing it". However, the bands and artists with the most determination are the ones that provide the real music that others want to hear.

The first amongst those bands is a powerhouse hardcore punk band that go by the name of Pylons. Consisting of three college students from Exeter these three chaps Ben, Rory, and Fin have been together for a mere few months and are already creating a local buzz. Spurring influences from the likes of The Bronx and Pulled Apart By Horses, Pylons are hard at work expanding their loud, outspoken music across the Devon area claiming "Lyrically it's about our personal experiences but it's more about the music... We're just trying to be different from other bands and not to stick with conventional ideas that a lot of bands talk about"

Pylons, a brilliant, new and exciting band are currently working on their first E.P (untitled as of yet) but a lot of big things are expected from this band already, having played in acclaimed venues like The Exeter Cavern, and The Exeter Phoenix. Pylons plan on hitting the Devon and Southern festival circuit, including Boardmasters, Oceanfest, and 2000 Trees. Pylons can be found here where an exclusive track entitled ‘Get Amongst’ is available for listening - the track endures hints of The Gallows, and Chickenhawk. It's heavy and energetic and becomes more gripping with every listen. A definite replay button-abusing song.

The second of Devonian artist in focus is acoustic, lyrical dreamweaver Roger Styles. Having played the guitar from the age of 9, Roger expanded on his abilities by starting to play gigs at the age of 13. Roger Styles is becoming an increasing phenomenon in the south of England for his constant amount of gigs, his numerous tracks posted on Myspace, and for his numerous DVDs and CDs of live performances in bars and clubs of the Devon area.

Reigning in influences from Elbow, Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel, Roger regurgitates this musical information and spits out songs of wit, intelligence and ear appealing tracks that prove popular for spectators to his shows. Songs like ‘TV’ provide an ironic view of today's culture when being controlled by a small screen and how we can't escape it whilst other songs like ‘Whole’ recount the ballads of Sting and The Script. Describing himself as "Grown Up Pop" just proves that his wit cannot go amiss. His EP Lead Balloons can best be described as an enticing array of tunes that render it’s listener amazed as to how they haven't heard such a thing before. A MUST hear E.P for 2011.

Rogers' EP Lead Balloons is out at the end of February and is available to purchase via his website as well as at his live shows. Roger will be on an extensive UK tour avidly named ‘The Lead Balloon Tour’ throughout 2011.