Bearded’s Guide To… Manchester

Alex Yau delves into what's going on in Manchester.

Posted on Jan 18th, 2012 in Features and Interviews / By Alex Yau
Bearded’s Guide To… Manchester Looking back at my top shows of 2011, it’s amazing how many wonderful performances flood back by the dozen. The Horrors spectacularly reproduced the brilliant Skying in the recesses of Piccadilly Station, 65daysofstatic’s live soundtrack of sci-fi film Silent Running exploded in enthralling glory and Deerhoof wowed with their eccentric idiosyncrasy. Topping this list was Wild Beasts whose visceral Manchester Cathedral show begged to ask: “Why no Mercury nomination?” But Manchester’s beauty, of course, lies with its local stock. We had D/R/U/G/S explosive Deaf Institute show which justified their status as the city’s fastest rising electro artists. There was Wu Lyf, who despite a bit of a bullshit marketing campaign, wowed with their raw and volatile sound. And there’s the reformation of Brown and Co of course. No matter your thoughts, you can’t deny their Heaton Park show will be massive. With a scene as eclectic as Manchester’s, it’ll be hard to find a UK city just as vivid…go on, I dare ya! On that note, I present some of Manchester’s most exciting acts and shows for 2012.

Patterns’ sound pinpoints itself between blistering and surging melodies and a wash of dreamy melancholy. We recommend their recent double a-side. ‘Induction’ builds its foundation upon a hypnotic and enveloping atmosphere, whilst ‘Throwing Stones’ shimmering melodies make them one of the most mouth-watering bands Manchester recently has to offer. As a live act, their racing dream-pop is all the more enthralling.

I first saw Ghosting Season, then called worriedaboutsatan, supporting Errors at the Deaf Institute. Their deep, entrancing sound reminded me of Kid A/Amnesiac era Radiohead and they’ve continued to evolve the hypnotic sound from their earlier incarnation; now with added dance-gloss. Their residency shows how dedicated to the city they are.

Previously known as Youth, Books and Meke Menete (I personally like the last one), Money have been doing a Wu Lyf and having hardly any online presence. They’re Manchester’s most talked about band right now and despite only having a few live shows to their name, their energy on stage is causing storms around the city. Expect them to really make an impression in the new year.

Not so much of a gig preview, but more a snippet of my review. A Winged Victory for the Sullen played to a hardly packed crowd at Manchester Academy 3, Ed Sheeran was unfortunately next door, but their ambient and beautiful swan song didn’t fail to beguile. All around heads nodded down as if put into a relaxing trance and each member in the crowd was no doubt captivated. Review coming soon.
M83 bring their intense and euphoric sound to the huge venue that is the Ritz and it should no doubt consume everything in and outside of the venue.

That’s it from me. Expect a second instalment of this guide soon!