Interview: Heights

Coming straight out of deepest Hertfordshire to knock your little socks off and brandishing a constantly evolving mish-mash of anger-fuelled, hope-injected metalcore, Welwyn Garden City five–piece Heights are on their way to a town near you.

Posted on Oct 11th, 2010 in Features and Interviews, Heights, Small Town / By Richard Kemp
Heights Over a poor Skype connection en route to their Bristol show, Bearded Magazine had the pleasure of chatting with vocalist, lyricist and jolly nice bloke Thom. “We’re excited,” Thom declares when asked if the band are looking forward to tonight’s show in the south-west hotspot. “We love Bristol. It’s a great city. The last time we played there someone put their foot through the floor.”

For a band like Heights, this type of dangerously hard dancing tomfoolery has slowly encroached upon their lives to become the norm. Every gig gives them another story to tell and another chance to shy away from the conventional mainstream.

“We want to break as many moulds as possible,” says Thom. However, Heights do not go out of their way to “break the mould.” This is something that occurs naturally. “We never originally aimed for a certain direction,” Thom explains. “We just kind of evolved organically…We play music we love…music we want to hear ourselves.”

Thom describes this music as “hectic, post-hardcore with bits of metal and hardcore.” Their EP, The Land, The Ocean, The Distance, released in September 2009, was quite an angry record, admits Thom. “Lyrically, it comes across.” The band were much younger then, between 17 and 19 years old, and the EP certainly addresses the issues they faced at the time. Not only does the anger come across lyrically, but in the band’s enlivened performance too. Thom’s vocal delivery is laced with gravelly emotion and enraged screams while the rest of the band thrash along to the same desperate note.

Heights’ loud, unforgiving style harks back to the young frustration that originally inspired their sound. “You have to shout to be heard sometimes,” Thom comments. With this in mind, it’s no wonder these Hertsfordshire metalcorers seem so enraged on stage.

It’s not all anger and frustration, though. Thom assures us there is “hope to latch onto.” Their new album, which goes into recording soon, comes off as “more mature and a positive progression from the EP.”

These boys have been gigging relentlessly with their EP for over a year now, so it’s time they put out a fresh offering, which is what they plan to do tonight. Naturally, they are keen to play their old stuff but have a good three new album tracks that have been getting great live response.

As for the good response, these lads have already had rave reviews from writers all over – with even the likes of Metal Hammer singing their praises. How can these boys top that? They’re not trying to, says Thom. They are going to continue writing music they love and perform it with energy and passion.

Is energy and passion something to expect at a Heights show? “Expect blood, sweat and tears,” Thom says. “Maybe not so many tears.”

Look out for a live review of Heights’ blood, sweat and tears in Bearded Magazine this coming November.