Interview: Decibels

Alex Yau chats to Decibels

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 in Features and Interviews / By Alex Yau
Interview: Decibels Three-piece Decibels released their rather brilliant debut single ‘The Lesser’ last month and now their track ‘Rubber Dinghy Rapids’ is being featured on a Warp Records compilation. They originally started remixing other artist’s songs before creating their own wonderful music which is even more mind blowing live. Bearded caught up for a chat…

Bearded: Hello, how’s it going?

Decibels: Good.... Like Charlie Sheen we’re WINNING.

B: ‘The Lesser’ isn’t out yet but you’re already getting an overwhelming amount of press coverage. You must feel extraordinary right now?

D: So far people have been very kind about the single, so we’re feeling good, but never get complacent!!

B: You’re being a featured on a Warp Records compilation too. A lot of bands would probably sell a limb to be featured on anything with Warp’s stamp.

D: We did sell a few limbs, originally we were all going to chip in a limb each, but then decided Dave uses his limbs the least and he sold all four of his.

B: It also means you’re joining a very prestigious line up of electronic artists they have including Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus and Battles.

D: Mental isn’t it?! Those artists you’ve just named sums up how diverse and uber cool the label is.

B: You originally started out remixing other artists songs. Was this always the plan or did you want to have your own sound from the start?

D: We always wanted to make our own music, but remixing helped us mould our sound and play around with different sounds and equipment. Basically experimenting and messing other peoples’ songs up before trying our own.

B: Your press release also described you taking ‘the desperate measure of selling guitars, amps, and acquiring any kit’ you could get when going from ‘laptop to live.’ Was this a long struggle for you and did you ever feel frustrated?

D: Yes kind of, mainly because people weren’t buying what we were trying to sell! But as we managed to buy new hardware the recordings and more predominately the live shows have got bigger and better.

B: The aquarium in the video for ‘Rubber Dinghy Rapids’ is quite interesting. How did you come up with the idea and did you have any others?

D: A company called ACE CREAM (who is Joseph & Megan) do all our videos and artwork, for this video I think they snuck into the national sea life centre and spent the whole day filming ‘til they got chucked out!

B: Your single comes in a handmade package too. Is everything you do going to have a DIY ethos?

D: Yes we pretty much like to get involved in every aspect of things... mainly because we want to make it more personal and because who else is going to do it?!

B: Does this mean there will only be a limited amount of releases too?

D: Yes, we have only done 500 copies because it took us ages!!

B: Can we look forward to a full length LP or EP any time soon?

D: We’ll look at releasing another single then a mini E.P to follow, but things are always changing...

B: Also, I noticed you posted the video with Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher on your site. Matt Berry’s brilliant isn’t he? I love him in Dark Place, IT Crowd and perhaps anything he does…

Genius, need I say more?