Interview: Texture Like Sun

Alex Yau chats to Texture Like Sun

Posted on Jan 6th, 2012 in Features and Interviews / By Alex Yau
Interview: Texture Like Sun As a rising band in their native Australia, Texture Like Sun certainly made the last year theirs. Previously known as the Commas, they supported Ed Sheeran on his Australian tour and have an eagerly awaited follow up to their eponymous 2007 release. Bearded had a few words…

Bearded: Regarding ‘Bottle,’ a year is a long time to record one song. Why did it take so long and are you perfectionists in that sense?

Texture Like Sun: Perfectionist, no. It was actually recorded in two separate studios 3000 kilometres apart. Our producer Countbounce, moved to the other end of the country and the song went with him, which placed a logistical hurdle to complete the song. It eventually got to where it is with a few of rewrites and as many plane trips.

B: What’s the backstory behind ‘Bottle?’ It deals with addiction. Do you have addictive personalities, and are any of the themes based on personal experiences?

TLS: ‘Bottle’ deals with addictions we all face: whether it’s love, alcohol, food, or drugs. It focuses primarily on alcohol but I don’t think that’s the point. Addiction is the same regardless of what form it takes. I don’t personally have an addictive personality, but we are all hooked on something.

B: Your new album’s out in 2012. Can we expect more songs like ‘Bottle’ or is that a one off?

TLS: Thematically, the album takes on many personalities. Musically, there’s definitely a consistent aesthetic that ties the songs together.

B: How was the recording of the new album? Was it an easy process?

TLS: Because it was recorded over such a long period of time and over a vast distance, we faced a few of the obvious difficulties. The writing itself was simple enough and has always been an organic process for me. Once Countbounce and I were in the studio together we were never short of ideas.

B: Was it what you wanted from the start, or did it gradually evolve?

TLS: At the start it was always going to be one guitar, one vocal, but once we set in the studio we just kept hearing different layers and sounds. I don’t think the layering has detracted from the simplicity of the songs. It still sounds like a singer-songwriter just a more elaborate version of the initial concept.

B: The buzz for the album has gone out of your native Australia. Did this happen quickly? How does it feel to be recognised internationally?

TLS: It all happened quite quickly. This was obviously due to the nature of the beast that is the Internet. With the support of blog sites and digital radio we approached, we were able to reach far beyond Australia. Having interest abroad has been unexpected, but yes, amazing to have reached beyond our shores.

B: How was it opening for Ed Sheeran?

TLS: To be honest he had arrived in OZ before his music had and we hadn’t heard a great deal. Seeing him play live completely blew us away. He is a ridiculous talent. It was a fun night.

B: Finally, do you have any big plans for 2012?

TLS: Oh yes: album release, world domination, roadies and a private jet.