Interview: Veronica Falls

Alex Yau chats to Veronica Falls…

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2011 in Features and Interviews, Veronica Falls, Bella Union / By Alex Yau
Interview: Veronica Falls Veronica Falls – known for their jangly C86 revivalist sound – have released their debut album to a wave of critical acclaim. Having been recorded under a mix of indecisiveness and spontaneity, Veronica Falls has been praised for its notably “retro” tinge with references the Velvet Underground whilst having a notably distinctive sound at the same time. Highlight tracks include the particularly maudlin ‘Found Love in a Graveyard’ and the lovelorn ‘Beachy Head.’ Bearded Magazine caught up with drummer Patrick Doyle for word or two…

Bearded: How was the recording of your debut?

Patrick: It was good in the end. We did it twice as we weren’t happy with the first sessions. In the end we did it in three days which was way more fun.

B: Any funny stories whilst you were recording it?

P: I guess having to record it twice is pretty funny, right?

B: The album versions of 'Beachy Head' and 'Found Love in a Graveyard' sound different from their previous single versions. Did you always have a mind set to develop these tracks?

P: Not really. The first versions were only ever meant to be demos and we never really planned to release them, but people liked them so we did. ‘Beachy Head’ is actually the same version as the single, just re-mastered.

B: You also scrapped your first recording sessions for a more live sound. Do you think you'll ever record like you did in Yorkshire again?

P: I wouldn’t rule it out. I think it definitely works for some people, but maybe just not for these songs. It makes sense to record the songs as they were written, so I guess it depends how we write the new record…

B: You're already starting on a second album. Is it too early to tell us what that's going to be like?

P: Yes, but I’m really happy with how the songs are sounding so far, we’ve been playing 3 of them live, so watch this space.

B: You'll also be supporting the Drums and the Dum Dum Girls soon. Excited?

P: We just finished the Drums tour, it was really fun. Dum Dum Girls tour should be good, we get on really well with the girls so will be fun to hang out again!