Boys Noize @ The Manchester Warehouse Project 14.10.11

Alex Riddah (aka Boys Noize) is in the perfect place tonight. Despite having already played Manchester several times in the past (Parklife Festival and previous Warehouse Projects), Riddah has never taken the stage as a headline act.

Oct 14th, 2011 at The Manchester Warehouse Project / By Alex Yau
Boys Noize Anyone who’s already seen the German producer live and wondered why can now finally be satisfied. With Manchester’s electronic scene firmly being reputed as one of the finest in the world - its own home grown talent making a massive impact around the world - Riddah’s got a lot to prove to the capital of the north tonight and boy, he does that phenomenally.

As if a double mix up with supporting act Erol Alkan wasn’t enough (his highlight being his mix up of Metronomy earlier on in the night), singles such as the brain rattling ‘Let’s Buy Happiness’ and ‘& Down’ unsurprisingly draw the biggest responses. Crowd members who look fatigued by the late night taking the toll on their stamina are suddenly awoken by the trigger of these songs and their energy makes it look as if the night has only just begun. Waves of sinister electricity are sent with shock propulsion in the air as Riddah’s mix of Viol’s ‘Gessafelstein’ trigger the crushing alarms of a large scale totalitarian riot erupting all around us. The glitchy ‘Monegros’ mix warps and distorts in a heart twisting, lung smashing dish of ecstasy and the industrial dirge of ‘1010’ ricochets back and forth with a grungy back and forth percussive rattle. It is all absolutely menacing. Each time Riddah comes back to Manchester, he just seems to get better and better. Tonight’s no exception and he’s left the city leaving a massive impression.