Django Django @ The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool 21.02.12

Whilst Johnny Sands and Loved Ones whetted the Mersey crowd’s appetite tonight, the hour Django Django came on would truly set off a storm. Hotly tipped on every indie list of 2012, Scottish four-piece Django Django haven’t been without their problems. Cancellations meant that this, the third night of their tour, has actually been their opening night. And whilst there were a few patches at the start of their set, they stormed out a belter in the darkness of Liverpool’s Shipping Forecast.

Feb 21st, 2012 at The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool / By Alex Yau
Django Django They’re a zany band, there’s no doubt about that. Dressed similarly in matching, quirky outfits, the stage is decked with synths and a giant tambourine. They open with their debut album’s introduction before morphing into the infectiousness ‘Hail Bop’ – a track that sounds all the bit as brilliant live as it does on record.

Looking at the crowd, it’s easy to see why they’ve been so popular this year. Around every corner, people dance to Django Django’s catchy beats and the likes of the insane ‘Default’ and the Beach Boy surf-rock of ‘Life’s a Beach’ continued to keep the rhythms flowing throughout the night. Finally as the album’s closing track ‘Silver Rays’ finishes tonight’s set, the band look astonished at how well they’ve been received. They might have had a few hiccups along the way, but Django Django are on the top of their game.