Gallops @ The Exchange, Bristol 08.11.12

In support of Leicester’s Maybeshewill, Gallops showed why their forthcoming album, ‘Yours Sincerely, Dr Hardcore’ is picking up praise from all the right places.

Nov 8th, 2012 at The Exchange, Bristol / By Adam Corner
Gallops Gallops plough a furrow that is already brimming with excellent bands: Three Trapped Tigers, Errors, and the ghost of Battles. But while Gallops’ tight-as-hell time-signature juggling deserves the comparison with these arch math-rockers, there is something more scathing – to be honest, more Wrexham – about Gallops’ overall dynamic. Dark, squalling guitars and electronics compete for the crowd’s attention, evoking the nihilistic euphoria of Fuck Buttons. For a band yet to release their first album, they are an incredibly complete package.

Looking visibly pissed off and barking orders at the sound engineer, Gallops clearly felt like their complex, stuttering, layered material wasn’t being done justice. But it all sounded pretty punchy from the front, as they ripped through a short set of songs from their forthcoming album. The doomsday-esque ‘Bromden’ is punctuated by a monolithic stomp, but like most of their work, is detailed and repays careful listening. These boys are not short on confidence – and their sound is so creepily coherent, its no surprise. Intricate electronic percussion and even more intricate (but brutal) live drumming create a whirlpool of rhythm, on top of which the melodies somehow stay afloat.

Closing with ‘G is for Jaile' – which somehow manages to sound joyous and post-apocalyptic at the same time – its unlikely Gallops will be playing second fiddle on venues this size for much longer. Powerful, passionate, but poised, the Gallops’ brew is an intoxicating blend.