Lee Scott & Danny Lover @ The HiFi Club, Leeds - 15/07/16

Stalwart UK rapper Scott, Canadian MC Lover and the cutting edge of UK hip-hop live in Leeds

Aug 19th, 2016 at The HiFi Club, Leeds / By Sam Bennett
Lee Scott & Danny Lover  @ The HiFi Club, Leeds - 15/07/16 Independent streetwear brand Doomed Regular, in conjunction with leading Leeds promoters Elements, bring a selection of local talent to The HiFi Club, as well as Blah Records representatives Lee Scott, Danny Lover and Sleazy F Baby landing in the city to bring their authentic and original vibes to the Leeds crowd

Pertrelli is the first MC to take to the stage, and the young Leeds spitter impresses from the outset with a heavy performance of his collaboration with Illernature '(K)new'; he demonstrates ferocious lyricism with an enthrallingly energetic delivery, and his stage presence is so engaging. He drops some collaborations with Selrok, and the producer's hard-hitting beats sound dope through the HiFi system. The eclectic, sophisticated instrumental on 'Time Lapse' is combined with intelligent writing, and the quirky production of 'Heat'um' is a dope backdrop for Trelz's lively performance.

Next up is local crew Defenders of Style. Jack Danz and Prys are representing on the mic, and Sangria Kong steps in on the decks. The funky, gloomy boom-bap beats pump through the system as the Defenders drop 'Mosquito' and 'Moon Moods' from their latest LP The Death Of Meaning. Their chemistry is overly apparent, and Prys' humour and Danz's relentless grittiness is a killer combination. Danz kills a solo performance of 'AbandonTheWrizt', donning sunglasses for the track as the crowd show their due appreciation. The clique also drop their new track '1479', and Jack holds down Dis-Gust's verse (the other member of the group is absent from tonight's performance). Tek-Nico joins for an improvised version of 'Old's Cool'; the Defenders put on yet another heavy showcase of authentic West Yorkshire hip-hop, as is the case every time they touch the stage.

Local duo The Northaze take to the stage, and instantly impress; they flow with fluidity and a natural rhythm unlike any other MC's style. It's pure energy every time they drop a verse, and the chemistry between Kosi and Swish is to be applauded. They use the most unexpected patterns in their writing, and as they stand on opposite sides of the stage the duo look as in-sync as any group I've seen. This is the most professional and impressive set from them that I've seen. They drop various tracks from their recent 'Mellow Thrills' release, and they even premier a new tune; their set is filled with an eclectic mix of styles, yet the signature Northaze sound is still always present. Pertrelli and Blacks join for a closing cypher before the next act swiftly follows.

Jack Jetson and Lord Lloyd have been landing some pretty sweet support slots around the city, and Lloyd starts their set with a fantastic solo track before Jack Jetson drops the absolutely banging 'Front Croox'. Jetson's been on a prolific streak recently, and he drops a selection of new cuts including 'Pillstrill', 'Grand Yorley' and 'Boomerange'; his verses are very intricate, and the way he portrays vivid imagery using uniquely imaginative bar-structure's means that his lyrics thoroughly demand your attention.

The Blah gang have been in the venue for a while, but after a selection of very strong support slots, Lee Scott finally takes to the stage. He drops 'Cactus Owl Moon Goat' and 'Don't Tell Me', receiving a warm reception; the crowd are definitely on board tonight, holding down Trellion's verse from 'Puta' as the beat thumps through the speakers (incidentally Sumgii is on the decks). Lee as a uniquely likeable charisma on stage, evident on the standout 'Sell Drugs', and his experience as a live performer is obviously apparent. 'Cult Of The Damned' is dropped, with Salar and Sleazy F Baby joining, and Bisk also blesses the mic during the COTD segment of the set. The hard-hitting, trap influenced flow of 'Tin Foil Fronts' is delivered with pure energy; Lee's set is thoroughly entertaining, and it's only the start of tonight's Blah takeover.

Danny Lover demonstrates his incredibly lazy flow from the moment he touches the mic, and it's so well-executed. To be honest, I thought his intoxication would prevent a performance of this quality, but the slowed down, smoked-out vibe intoxicates the whole room. He blends his incredibly original approach with crisp production, and the slurred, cocky delivery is consistently entertaining. Bisk also joins Danny on the set, and the two styles on show are definitely contrasting, yet they work so well together. 'Black Thunder' is also dropped, and every track is sublimely produced and entertainingly performed. Sleazy F Baby also drops some tracks from his recent LP release 'All Blahk Tracksuit', and the hard-hitting production and gritty writing is delivered with energy and passion. The album's title-track goes off, as does the lead single from the project 'From The Bits', and following Danny's super-chilled set, Sleazy's showcase is perfect for the intoxication levels of the early morning revellers still at the HiFi club.

Once again the local talent on display is thoroughly impressive, and the Blah crew fully represented tonight. The fans in attendance were treated to non-stop energy and top-quality music from some of the UK's leading hip-hop exports, as well as Canadian spitter Danny Lover delivering an intoxicating set. All of the artists featured tonight are releasing some indisputably heavy projects, so if you don't know about them already start doing your research, it's more than worth it. Once again shouts to Elements and Doomed Regular for always bringing the realness.

Photos by Seren Heyward Jones