O Children @ Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield 25.10.12

Nightfall looms outside as O Children’stall vocalist Tobi O’Kandi looms over the packed crowd, but first Blessa spellbind with their crystal-as-Finish 2 in 1 melodies. More impressive are the Voyeurist, whose MBV-meets-Echo and the Bunnymen (they have a drum machine, don’t you know?) chaos shrieks through the venue.

Oct 25th, 2012 at Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield / By Alex Yau
O Children @ Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield 25.10.12 But it’s O Children who are tonight’s main attraction and they do nothing more than impress. Tearing through a doom and gloom set list that includes ‘Holy Wood’, ‘Red Like Fire’ and ‘PT Cruiser,’ …’Cruiser’ sounding like a trippy mix of Pulled Apart by Horses and the Horrors fronted by the National’s Matt Berninger. Tonight they’re in spectacular form as O’Kandi saunters to the buoyant rhythm of his music.

“Everyone can dance. No one will judge you here,” he tells the crowd who are unresponsive. Not because they’re not getting into it. The total opposite as most of them are mesmerised by the rippling music. Dismissing this lot as another bunch of stylish Dalston hipsters would be missing the whole point entirely. Like the Horrors circa album number two, O Children are coming into their own as a band and you’d do no worse than keep an eye out.