Pink Cigar @ The Black Heart, London 04.11.13

Dazzling punk-rock sparks to fire up much-anticipated debut album launch

Nov 4th, 2013 at The Black Heart, London / By Eleonora Ricotta
Pink Cigar Stuck in the very darkest heart of Camden Town, The Black Heart has a tingly vibe of appropriateness when it comes to host the debut album launch of one of the most promising and well beloved bands rocking around its thunderous scene.
Pink Cigar are back. And when we say back, it doesn't just relate to the fact they've recently come back from their first Germany tour; it's stating the obvious fact they're now more unwavering than they've ever been before, by all means.
With a heart-shattering, Seventies' echoing self-released 12-track album going by the pretentious title of We're Gonna Get You Out Of Here, they've tried to reach what is always been within their reach and for some reason been hard to get.
Genuiness at its best has paid well. They came, they saw, they conquered.

Crossing The Black Heart threshold on Monday the 4th made you feel as being trapped into some sort of time-warp, barely aware of the wrongness of the world just outside there. Alcohol, lunacy and good music always makes it, but when its this kind of good music nothing can compare with the feeling you get.

Taking the stage right after 9 pm, Pink Cigar stole everyone's heart the minute the first note was played. Starting with debut single 'Lady Killer', a drizzling waterfall of powerfully balanced guitar riffs and whisky-stained growling vocals, they shouted to everyone witnessing their selfishness as a band who's there, ready to make it big.

Love-igniters, problem-solvers, crowd-surfers; you name it, they have it all. After a whole year of incessantly gigging around London, two video-clips released and loads of rock 'n' roll shenanigans, they're now going through their most productive period and, as far as we're concerned, it doesn't feel like stopping anytime soon.

Fan-favourites and technically improved tracks such as 'Strange', 'This Girl', 'Dreaming Of Love', have that certain kind of nostalgic aura surrounding them, oozing with long-lost memories of wasted youthfulness, basking in a delightful mixture of pure Britishness, guiltily drenched in Ramones-esque punk rock majesty.
It's 'Easy Hell', though, to take the prize as a standout, homesick-flavoured track, performed by guitarist Edd Whyte.

With the catchy previously released single 'Blues To Bed' they smashed to pieces what was still left of their stroked crowd, compelling it to scream and shout at the top of its hypnotised collective lung, inducing everybody to finally get out of their minds, boring jobs, crushed dreams, dull places; to get out of here, simply. Not an easy task, surely. But with attitudes like Pink Cigar's, no one stands a chance of leaving unimpressed.

It's liberation. And it tastes like pink.