Seefeel @ Islington Mill, Salford 18.03.11

A break into industrial electrics before a loop appears, a crash and a sustained slice of distorted oscillation. The layers develop bringing in more shattering noise, a succinct retraction with a drone remaining. A fine overture.

Mar 18th, 2011 at Islington Mill, Salford / By Samuel Breen
Seefeel Repeated pop lyrics from yesteryear brought in. Reminding the audience that Warp is a label that prides itself on legacy, a pursuit noticeable in tonight's crowd.

As the set progresses, the moterik kicks in. Stripped down to a three piece with the bassist incommunicado due to the trauma in Japan, the drums take an even more prominent role. Frustrating, as with the opener, the track fades away.

Surprisingly, it's when the drums settle, sparing the cymbals when the show elevates to new found heights. Two scrambled guitars, one an extended faux Hollywood sex wee, the other a gritty reverb heavy chorus.

The three piece maintain their level of control as they reintroduce the vocals. Tonight there's a play off between commanding electronica and sweet pop.

Annoyingly the show is truncated not only in length but dynamic. As a three piece, the group didn't take the opportunity to relax and develop the songs in a novel way. Instead the lack of bassist restricted the music and the songs felt lacking of any momentum to elevate the sound.