Tamaryn @ Start The Bus, Bristol 02.02.13

There must be something in the water: My Bloody Valentine have a new album out, and shoegaze is being gradually resurrected. When Tamaryn’s second album Tender New Signs dropped towards the end of last year, it was like a portal had been opened into 1990.

Feb 2nd, 2013 at Start the Bus, Bristol / By Adam Corner
Tamaryn Gliding gracefully into view on a slow-breaking wave of fuzzy, washed-out soul, Tender New Signs offered layers of guitars, breathy vocals and strained, muted passion. Live, there is a beguiling simplicity to Tamaryn’s sound: resonant, repetitive guitar lines, crashing cymbal rides and fronting everything up the spectral figure of Tamaryn herself. If it’s possible to do ice-cool and sultry at the same time, then she’s nailed it. Statuesque and gently sinister, Tamaryn strolled coolly through the swooping, head-spinning ‘Prizma’ and the beautiful, soaring, ‘Transcendent Blue’, which is an understated masterpiece.

Despite not quite fitting the bill of Friday night fare in a decidedly bawdy venue, Tamaryn’s death-rattle tambourine, hypnotic rhythm section, undulating guitar and hushed vocal melodies cut a swathe through the boozy crowd. Bring on 1991.