Download: ‘Cardhouse’ from All We Are’s ‘We Hunt’ EP

A hypnotic treat from the banks of the River Mersey...

Posted on Jun 25th, 2012 in News / By Alex Yau
Download: ‘Cardhouse’ from All We Are’s ‘We Hunt’ EP Wandering the hazy realm where Wild Beasts, Beach House and the XX slumber are All We Are and the brilliantly woozy 'Cardhouse' is available as a free download.

'Cardhouse' comes from their recent 'We Hunt' EP which, keeping with their ethereal tones, was written in an isolated Norwegian forest cabin, arranged in an abandoned city-school house and recorded in a huge ancient church.

Vocalist/ drummer Rich said:

“Writing whilst totally cut off from the rest of society and surrounded by a haunting, tranquil beauty is certainly very inspiring for us. We actually feel the Nordic forest hillside rubbed off on the way some of the guitar lines actually sound, particularly in 'Cardhouse...'”