Malachai: Releases & Audio-visual treats!

Tirelessly working towards their greater good, the guys are back laden with announcements.

Posted on Apr 7th, 2011 in News, Malachai, Domino
Malachai Scarcely two months after the release of single 'Let 'Em Fall', Malachai are back with more. New single 'Anne', due for release May 16th, is taken from their current album Return To The Ugly Side. click on the video below to see them performing 'Anne' and 'Snowflake' live from Shedsville, Bristol.

But that isn't all, you can also download exclusive remix of previous release 'Let 'Em Fall' below:
Malachai - Let 'Em Fall (Nosaj Thing remix) by DominoRecordCo

Alongside this, we can announce that G and Scott will be performing live on the following dates, with more shows to be announced very soon:

16th April: Rise, Bristol – instore for Record Store Day
23rd April: Fifteen Hands Festival, Thunderbolt, Bristol (live)
11- 14th August: Standon Calling, Hertfordshire - Main stage /Malachai (soundsystem semi-live set)/ 4.30pm

What lovely gentlemen they are to bestow all this upon us! Reward them with some love why don't you?