Simian Ghost Set To Release New Album

New release will be their first UK one.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2011 in News, Simian Ghost, Heist or Hit Records / By Alex Yau
Simian Ghost Set To Release New Album Swedish three piece Simian Ghost are the chillwave brainchild of Aerial’s Sebastian Arnström. Their debut 'Infinite Traffic Everywhere' was released in their native Sweden in winter of 2010 to critical acclaim. Topping the Swedish charts with the debut, they toured Sweden and have already shared stages with Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT and Niki and the Dove and many more..

A seven track mini-album, 'Lovelorn,' will be their first UK release. Released via Heist Or Hit Records, 'Lovelorn' has been recorded and produced by Sebastian Arnström himself: "The initial ambition was to make an EP, consisting exclusively of electronic material."

"It is a collection of songs all conceived in my messy living room, very DIY, even more so than the last record I guess. It’s the kind of stuff I do when I get home from work, or from rehearsal, personal stuff. The song 'Gently Submissive,' for example, has a very soft quality to it, mainly because I recorded it in the middle of the night, and I didn't want to wake up the neighbours. I really find that nice, when very tangible stuff like that creeps into the music. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that I need to keep myself occupied to avoid full on neurosis".

"Infinite Traffic... was in many ways a comment on the music I've grown up with, and this (Lovelorn) a comment on music I've been exposed to more recently".
"I have been doing this stuff for quite some time.It's like musical collages, songs that are remixes of themselves. It's a fun way to write music. And I think I even got some Beach Boys in there this time".

'Free Agent' a track from 'Lovelorn' can now be heard here.