Stream: Blue States release preview track for long awaited fifth LP

New track Vision Trail released ahead of new LP Restless Spheres

Posted on Jul 19th, 2016 in News, Blue States, Memphis Industries
Stream: Blue States release preview track for long awaited fifth LP Returning with his first LP in nine years, UK electronica artist Blue States releases Restless Spheres in mid-September.

Arriving fortuitously in 1998 when downtempo acts were gaining ground, a series of cool 12”s including the electro sweep of The Trainer Shuffle and the Francophone pop stylings of Your Girl spread word the project, piloted by London based musician Andrew Dragazis.

Blue States debut LP Nothing Changes Under the Sun was released in September 2000 on Memphis Industries, winning praise from critics with its glorious retro-futuristic themes.

Second LP Man Mountain issued in 2002 saw Dragaziz collaborating with New Pony Club vocalist Ty Bulmer and reach a wider audience via the use of Season Song on the soundtrack of cult British zombie flick 28 Days Later.

Morphing into a full band project on third installment The Soundings (2004) which saw the addition of strings and brass, while 2007 saw the release of fourth album First Steps Into… returning to the ethos of debut set and seeing Blue States returning to being a solo project again.

Album previewing cut Vision Trail (below) plaits acoustic guitar textures with subtle string embellishments, showcasing the parent album’s widescreen atmosphere and nods towards film composers Roy Budd and Ennio Morricone.

Restless Spheres is issued on 16th September through Memphis Industries