The Pastels release new album

'Slow Summits' is their first in 15 years.

Posted on Feb 22nd, 2013 in News, Domino / By Alex Yau

The Pastels drop their new album 'Slow Summits' on May 27th. This new LP culminates all their music since 1997's 'Illumination' set and features collaborations with John McEntire and Bal Cooke during the recording and mixing process. Guests on the album include original member Annabel Wright (Aggi) and Norman Blake. Two-thirds of To Rococo Rot (Stefan Schneider and Ronald Lippok) also feature.

Pre order the album here.


Secret Music
Night Time Made Us
Check My Heart
Summer Rain
After Image
Kicking Leaves
Wrong Light
Slow Summits
Come to the Dance