Watch: Spring Offensive - Not Drowning But Waving

Band also embark on massive European tour.

Posted on Sep 13th, 2012 in News, Spring Offensive / By Alex Yau
Watch: Spring Offensive - Not Drowning But Waving Spring Offensive's new video 'Not Drowning But Waving', which has already racked up 2000 views, details one man's struggle against his own guilt. Self-directed by the band, the video and track are darker and more anthemic than anything they've done before but shows why they deserve so much attention.

Guitarist Matt Cooper says “The video takes the song's narrative beyond the central event, investigating the burden and consequences of guilt; the main character's reenactment of the drowning by wearing the dead man's clothes and filling the bathroom with things from the beach, could stem from this or from a desire to experience what it is like for the victim.”

The single is now available digitally and the limited 7" pressings can be pre-ordered now.

20.09 (NLD) Utrecht, Tivoli
21.09 (DEU) Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
22.09 (NLD) Zwolle, Hedon
24.09 (NLD) Heemskerk, Lokaal
25.09 (LUX) Luxembourg, Rockhal
26.09 (BEL) Leuven, Welcome Festival
27.09 (BEL) Kortrijk, Den Trap
28.09 (BEL) Brussels, Mme Moustache
29.09 (CH) Geneva, La Graviere
30.09 (CH) Porrentruy, Secret Show
01.10 (CH) Bern, Ono
03.10 (CH) Baden, Merkker
04.10 (CH) Basel, Hinterhof
05.10 (CH) Zurich, Exil
06.10 (CH) Wil, Gare De Lion
15.10 (ITA) Milan, Transito
16.10 (ITA) Trieste, Tetris
17.10 (ITA) TBC
18.10 (DEU) Munich, Feierwerk
19.10 (DEU) Freiburg, Raeng Teng Teng
20.10 (DEU) Stuttgart, Keller Klub
21.10 (DEU) Bedroom Disco Secret Show
22.10 (DEU) Dresden, Ostpol
23.10 (DEU) Leipzig, Theater Neues Schauspiel
25.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
26.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
27.10 (DEU) Berlin, Lido
02.11 (DEU) Berlin, Magnet
03.11 (DEU) Hamburg, Molotow
05.11 (DEU) Munster, Pension Schmidt
06.11 (DEU) Hannover, Glocksee
07.11 (DEU) Cologne, Stereo Wonderland
08.11 (DEU) Heidelberg, Haell
09.11 (DEU) Mainz, Schon Schoen
16.11 (UK) All UK dates announced soon...