Metronomy - She Wants (Because)

From their forthcoming English Riviera record...

Released Feb 18th, 2011 via Because / By Alex Yau
Metronomy - She Wants (Because) Perhaps the question we should be asking is not what “she wants” but what Metronomy wants? It’s quite simple really and that’s a hostile takeover of the modern electro indie scene fronted by Joseph Mount, the equivalent of Alan Sugar drugged out at an underground indie rave. Nights Out received top scores Mount’s had his fingers in the remixing pies of artists such as Goldfrapp. Life couldn’t be better for the Devonshire bass foursome. They’ve announced forthcoming album English Riviera which we’re waiting for in nervous anticipation for, the early arrival of 'She Wants' has increased our impatient selves but is it something we actually want?

'She Wants' is a palette of deep and bleak minimalism. The surfacing industrial synths swoon into a state of electronic hunger. It lacks the funky insanity that drives 'Radio Ladio' or the driving club thump of 'A Thing for Me' but that isn’t a bad thing. Rather it’s the post 'Heartbreaker' lament of the lonesome protagonist in said song as he comfortingly dreams: “Girl if you’re dreaming deep tonight, I lie with you by reading light. A glass of water by your side, I’m gone in hopes of get tired.” Then the chorus melody floats along delicately in a mindless tapestry of lullaby dreams and trances whilst the offbeat guitar heartbeats like a techno Sting.

'She Wants' has all the majesty of a waking up from the party that was Nights Out without the comedown. There’s no hangover, no headache or no dry mouth. If 'She Wants' is a preview of anything, it is that English Riviera is the perfect antidote to those nights out.