METZ – Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out (Sub Pop)

Previously only for those who managed to grab a limited-edition 7”, Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out is at last available for digital download for those who missed out on the chance first time round. The Toronto noise-punks, METZ, have also announced an extensive European New Year tour, playing a silly amount of dates across the continent. With a brutal onslaught of lethal guitars, lawless percussion and the deranged yowls from singer (?) Alex Edkins, the trio have been compared to The Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu. Their eponymous debut was met with rave reviews earlier this year for the pummelling it gave listeners' ears, and this latest offering is no different.

Released Dec 11th, 2012 via Sub Pop / By Larry Day
METZ – Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out (Sub Pop) 'Dirty Shirt' when performed live will leave you just that, a dirty shirt – covered in a mixture of your nose blood and the sweat from that guy over there in the Glassjaw shirt – it's the soundtrack to a truly violent moshpit. Draped in post-hardcore melodics and the vicious stabs of off-key axe squeals, it blurs the lines between metal and punk. The only reason this manages to avoid the former is due to the fact it doesn't take itself too seriously. This is raucous, tinnitus-inducing grunge-punk for a time when slacker is king. It's effortless.

There's a twang of surf in the other track 'Leave Me Out' – imagine a collaboration with Brian Wilson and Anthrax. There's shreds of melody, thundering bass quakes and a screeching guitar solo/wedge of angst which recalls Sonic Youth. Following suit from 'Dirty Shirt', it's a rampaging behemoth of furious sound headed straight for the section of dancefloor in front of the stage where you go to punch each other.

METZ have a lot going for them: an unbridled aggression reminiscent of the early 90s, the backing of many-a-blog (including Pitchfork) and a boisterous charm. It's a potent mixture, and their live show is undoubtedly hellish – maybe not for the faint of heart, but those with a penchant for elbows and lost shoes should report front and centre for rollcall. Their debut was superb. This follow-up single is a bombardment of awesome. Stardom beckons.