PINS: Stay True/Get With Me (Bella Union)

Manchester quartet return with storming double A-side single

Released Jul 22nd, 2013 via Bella Union / By Larry Day
PINS: Stay True/Get With Me (Bella Union) Mancunian C86-ers PINS are set to follow their lauded EP LuvU4Lyf with a debut LP at some point this year (fingers crossed), but in the meantime, they're prepping a teaser of sorts: a double-A side single, Stay True/Get With Me. They've garnered a lot of buzz in the same circles Savages found fame in – PINS are adrenaline-fuelled, dour and lip-gnarlingly aggressive – and borrow heavily from early '90s alt. rock like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Hole, the fashion of '70s punks and the detritus of Manchester's late '80s Factory brouhaha. Despite a line-up change (Lara left, Sophie got drafted into the “girl gang”), they've soldiered on with recording and writing. These two fresh slabs of raw meat are the fruits of their labour of love.

'Stay True' is a hulking Monstro-like beast. The drums beat an encumbered march, backing vocals wail – it's all very funeral-lament. Rusty, fuzzy swathes of distorted guitars plump up the noise, echoing and reverberating around the confines of the track. The rawness of 'Stay True' is so intense, it's like you've grazed your knee to the bone. It's as if they're performing right behind you. 'Get With Me' is somewhat more upbeat. The rollicking beat and punk bass pirouette amongst pylons of Warpaint-esque vocal wooze; it's a wonderful amalgamation of melodic singing and brash instrumentation. They've got a feisty riot grrrl in-your-facedness, covering deeper topics with the dark humour of Deap Vally: “Is it that you want to get with me?/ I can be anything you want me to be...” coos Faith Holgate, the lead voxsmith, sardonically.

This single is a lovely bonus. PINS didn't need to really do anything before the campaign for their debut, yet here were have another two stellar cuts. We were never going to forget about them. We were never going to let them disappear from our peripherals. Be that as it may, they bestow upon us another brutal slice of their roaring raucous music, which just leaves us salivating for more like dogs smelling bacon.